chasin' the sun CD release party @ the art sanctuary - louisville, ky


Hettie is a product of the 80’s; Born Heather Larae Mays in Ashland, KY (same hometown as Billy Ray Cyrus and The Judds) Hettie’s main focuses were her family, Jesus, and music.  She started taking piano lessons as soon as she could reach the pedals, and started singing in front of churches before she was potty trained.  The only things she really remembers about school are that she always bought lunch, she was kind of confused about how much more she liked choral practice than boys, and she still knows her locker combination from 1999. She has always been brave and a bit shy, and she has become an adult version of her little girl.  The only things she loves more than singing are kRi and pickles.

Hettie is active in the community project Mighty Kindness (  One of her many talents is teaching.  She is a wonderful guitar and vocal teacher, enlightening children with the blessing of music.

She is very excited about this life.  She is gathering as much information to fill her big BRAIN as possible.  Lately her focuses have been Mac’s, mixing programs, beat making, pickles, beneficial bugs, and her new bike. Hettie wants to focus more on her voice, mother earth, and being strong in her own skin.  Her future travel adventures include Greece, Paris, Tuscany, and all of Africa.


Born Kristy Lee Martin, in southern Louisville, she is a red headed, left handed, Libra, a sister, daughter, mother, lover, Christian, lesbian, optimist, an American white girl.

kRi loves to love, and easily loves Hettie, pop ice, her dog early morning martin-mays, bike riding on the street, traveling in the front seats of air planes, and Netflix.

She has strong memories of needing and getting a lot of attention.  Her first calling was soccer.   She started playing at age six, and became a pretty tough goalkeeper. She retired her number 63 in 2009, stating, “I just couldn’t handle all the getting down and getting back up again.” And there you have it.   She was a supervisor for UPS for 8 years, until she lost her mind for it, and pretty much told them to, “go #$%* themselves”.   And then also had a nice stint at serving pizza and micro brews in a local pub, till they fired her for being “too nice”… (Go figure)  Both job losses were blessing, giving her her time back, and freeing her to fulfill her dream of being a siren and traveling the world spreading love and other similar types of feelings to anyone willing.

Her future holds, learning French and ASL, being on her bike as much as possible and eating healthy foods more.